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Excellence Learning Center is a learning Organization in the field of Training Programmes to enhance the skills and techniques of the Executives working in the Industry and Business Organizations who are in search of excellence as a part of their quest for continuous improvement. February 2015 23rd February 2015 Effective Training Needs Analysis at Pune 24th February 2015 Cost Reduction through Smart Packaging at Pune.

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Impact & Implications of Forth Industrial Revolution

‘Industry 4.0’ is a German Initiative and in other words it’s Forth Industrial Revolution in the world. During 1’st Industrial Revolution in late 18’th Century, Introduced Mechanical Production Machines which were powered by Water and Steam. 2’nd Industrial Revolution at beginning of 20’th Century, Introduced Mass Production lines powered by Electric Energy. 3’rd Industrial Revolution was through the use of Electronics and IT for further progress in Automatic and Lean Production.
Now, 4’th Industrial Revolution is Based on Cyber-Physical-Systems where Machines will interact with other Machines regarding Production, Quality

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